Don't just code to compute. Code to express! Code to explore! Code to LEARN!

Scratch Coding Resources

Kids know games better than they know a lot of things. Outdoor games, board games, and video games. Video games have moved from fringe media in the past, to deeply embedded cultural artifacts of the present day. Students have well developed schema for the complex, rule-based systems that games present and are eager to make their own games. This is a huge opportunity to engage young people in computational thinking projects that can strengthen their skills in Math, Science, Literacy and even Language.


  • Teach-ICT: Scratch Tutorials

  • Snap!: Block editor from UC Berkeley. Runs on tablets, and has upgrades such as lambdas, first class data, procedures, recursion, and many other features..

  • Studio & Playlab: Online courses for students ages 4-18.

  • Tynker: Interactive exercises, guided tutorials,

  • fun creativity tools, puzzles and more

  • Alice: An introduction to coding for 3D environments from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Star Logo Nova: An agent-based simulation language that can be used by students to model the behavior of decentralized systems

For iPads & Tablets Only

Alternative Block

Coding Languages

Hands-On Coding Manipulatives

A number of new hands-on programming tools are spring up all over crowd funding sites like Kickstarter. They are aimed at helping even the youngest learners develop logic and instructional skills.

Tools for the Current Coding Education Push

Computer Science and programming activities are a very hot topic in education right now. High profile leaders in Education, Business, Government, and even celebrities are also helping to draw attention to the need for more young programmers and engineers. Here are some other tools available for students to learn coding.