Who is HHHA?

Hampden Heights Homeowners Association was established in 1992. The association represents homeowners living on the 208 properties in Hampden Heights, a residential development in Hampden Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The first home in this development was built in 1978, with most homes being built between 1982 and 1998, and the last five homes built between 2003-2006. 


Hampden Heights Homeowners Association has openings on the Board of Directors. The board meets approximately nine times per year. Meetings normally last less than one hour. If you can donate your time and talents, we would appreciate your help! Please email contact.hhha@gmail.com for further information.


Hampden Heights Spring YARD SALE - MAY 2019
The Spring Neighborhood Yard Sale will be in MAY 2019 from 7am - 4pm. All homeowners are welcome to participate. (You can participate the days/ times that fit your schedule.) HHHA will place signs at the entrance islands 2 weeks before the yard sale, and classified ads will be on PennLive and in the Harrisburg Patriot-News. Feel free to put your own ads for individual items on Craig's List, Facebook, or Nextdoor.com. (Caution walking/ running/ driving on these mornings as we will experience increased foot and car traffic beginning early in the morning.)

Cumberland County Electronics Recycling Center
The facility, located at 1001 Claremont Road in Middlesex Township, Carlisle, will be open to the public two days per week from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Hours are subject to change depending on facility use. The recycling center will accept televisions, computers and accessories, mobile devices, entertainment equipment, data center equipment, and cable equipment. A small fee of $0.50 per pound of electronics recycled will be charged to help offset the County’s costs for collecting, packaging, loading, shipping and recycling the electronics. Cash and credit card payments will be accepted.

HHHA Email List & Township Alert System

HHHA maintains an EMAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST.  These email addresses are NOT printed in the Directory.  They are kept private, and are used only to send important messages such as; emergency notices from the township, vandalism/ lost items in the neighborhood, annual association meetings/ yard sale, and any other important information affecting the neighborhood. Sign Up HHHA

Hampden Township has ALSO set up a voluntary email distribution list to provide "emergency" notifications directly from the Township.  (HHHA will continue to forward any alerts of which we become aware.) Sign Up Township.

Neighborhood Schedules (click on links for more info)

Trash Pickup - Thursdays EXCEPT 1 day late after select holidays Holiday Trash Pickup To avoid dumping yard waste in the landfill, township residents can take it to the Yard Waste Facility.

Recycling - The list of recycle items has been expanded to include plastics #1-7, magazines, phone books, corrugated cardboard and MORE.

Leaf Pickup - Fridays (Oct & Nov)
Leaves should be raked in piles into the street, about one foot from the curb or the end of the pavement. Piles should not exceed three feet in height. Details
Plowing will begin when snow is three inches deep. Top priorities are all main and secondary roads, including Orr's Bridge Road, Good Hope Road, Lamb's Gap Road, Salem Church Road, Creekview Road, Central Boulevard, Erb's Bridge Road, Skyport Road, and Technology Parkway. Residents can help in three ways: don't travel unless necessary; don't shovel or blow snow onto plowed or treated streets (the Township has an ordinance that prohibits this, under penalty of law); and move your car off the street, so that plows have more room to operate. This is especially critical in cul-de-sacs. Details


NOTE: Resale Certificates are required by law for planned communities like Hampden Heights. CONTACT the HHHA as soon as you put your home on the market. Here is the COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST.

For Sale1105 Dry Powder Cr$365,00024640.33
For Sale 1102 W Powderhorn$353,900 28180.37
For Sale1102 E Powderhorn$449,90032960.32
For Sale1119 W Powderhorn$315,00025240.30
For Sale1108 Musket Lane$422,500 27000.34
For Sale1217 Musket Lane (lot)$130,000  ---0.29
For Sale1210 Musket Lane$362,00027980.34
10/17/171106 Musket Lane$392,9002800 0.34
10/11/171215 Musket Lane (lot)$100,000 ---0.31
09/29/171155 Dry Powder Cr$325,55029530.48
08/29/171217 Musket Lane (lot)$104,000 ---0.29 
08/26/171206 E Powderhorn$439,90033010.32
08/18/171205 Gunstock Lane$318,00029240.34
06/29/17 1108 Musket Lane$265,0002514 0.34 
06/20/171208 E Powderhorn$379,90032880.32
04/26/171145 Dry Powder Cr$365,00024640.54
04/20/171105 Dry Powder Cr$330,00033640.33
03/16/171106 Musket Lane$275,00027600.34
02/09/176342 N Powderhorn$410,00043570.32 
12/15/161153 Dry Powder Cr$319,00033380.35
12/09/166348 S Powderhorn$415,00045640.40
11/20/161114 E Powderhorn$400,00029100.32
08/23/161203 Gunstock Lane$350,00027000.34
08/17/161105 E Powderhorn$360,00031680.30
08/09/166350 S Powderhorn$390,00032551.10
07/06/161110 Dry Powder Cr$320,00032160.30 
06/21/166357 N Powderhorn$395,00038910.50
06/07/161123 W Powderhorn$327,50025240.30
05/30/16 6338 S Powderhorn $400.000 3432 0.33
05/27/166340 S Powderhorn$357,00026900.33
03/01/161103 Dry Powder Cr$358,50025140.33
02/02/161117 W Powderhorn$332,00025240.30
01/28/161107 W Powderhorn$332,00025140.30
12/29/151211 Gunstock Lane$301,00025600.35
12/02/151125 W Powderhorn$320,00040520.39
10/06/151103 Gunstock Lane$280,00027700.36
07/27/151100 E Powderhorn$305,00029900.31
07/14/151105 W Powderhorn$319,90025140.30
06/26/156338 S Powderhorn$407,70034320.33
11/10/141205 E Powderhorn$375,00030530.32
09/30/141102 Gunstock Lane $330,000 28220.30
09/08/146343 Creekview Rd$442,50038251.29
08/26/146346 S Powderhorn$479,000 35020.64

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