Hall Linux FAQ

Hall Linux FAQ

How to install apt package
pacman -Ssy
pacman -S "package name"

View Packages
Arch Package Database

How to open ISO using KVM
kvm -cdrom HallLinux4_14.iso -boot d -m 1024

How to find out were an application lives at, in the file structure
ex) which top

How to view hard disk drives

How to view free/used RAM
free -m

How to display the drive letters associated with media
fdisk -l

How to search for a string, in entire filesystem
grep -r "string" *

How to install Java Runtime and JDK on Hall Linux
pacman -Ssy
pacman -S jre7-openjdk

Create ISO using dd
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=windows7.iso

How to query video card information
lspci | grep -E "VGA|3D"
lspci -v -s 01:00.0

Pandora Clients
Terminal based - pianobar
AUR gtk app - pithos

How to use the find terminal application
Example searching for all .jpg files under a certain size.  the -k means < , +k would be >
find . -name "*.jpg" -size -160k
Delete the files found
find . -name "*.jpg" -size -160k -delete