2DIE4 a parody of fashion and the romantic co-option of Iranian dissident icons of the 1970s


Reflections a text-based body of work reflecting on English language

Freedom Pavers Thumbnail

Freedom Pavers an installation paying homage to freedom fighters

Thumbnail for reorient

Re-Orient  questioning western representation of women from muslim countries

Shedding Thumbnail

Shedding  shedding light on bloodshed

No Romance Thumbnail

No Romance  an ethical self-portrait 

Wordroom thumbnail

Word Room  in collaboration with Gita Hashemi and Taraneh Hemami in response to the events of 9/11/01

Survey Thumbnail

Survey  of Common Sense questioning polls' legitimacy in measuring social consensus

Question Thumbnail

Questions Marks?  a few drawing about ethics of perception

Chunk Thumbnail

Chunks  a metaphor for social wounds

From Far Away thumbnail

From Far Away  narratives installation about women under Islam

Other Side Thumbnail

Door to the Other Side  paintings depicting whimsical pictorial spaces 

Works on Paper Thumbnail

Mixed Media Drawings  from 1991-1992