View modify and analyse GPS Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks.

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GPS_Explorer - Views waypoints, routes, and tracks from various sources (i.e. GPX and NEAM).

The software displays graphically the Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes over (optional) map images (tiles). The map images can be requested to be automatically downloaded and stored from "Open Street Maps". ("GoogleMaps" does not allow map storage).
The software loads and saves data (Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes) in the "GPX - GPS eXchange Format" and " MGN - Magellan NMEA format".

The software can also import waypoints from "LOC" and "KML" data, which are typical formats produced from Geocaching web sites and other GPS units. (Note only waypoints and tracks are imported, other Geocaching data is ignored).

The software was originally designed to download / upload the waypoint / track data to / from Magellan* eXplorist GPS 100-200-300 series units. The functionality of the software continually improved, and now it has functionality appropriate to any GPS software.
Note: *Magellan eXplorist is a trademark of Thales Navigation Corporation.


This is fully functional FREE software.

The author wrote this software for their own purpose, and has been utilising (and updating) this software for a number of years. This software performs functions similar to other GPS software (including other free software) and in some cases this software has less functionality than other GPS software. Due to the availability of other free software, this software was (until now) NOT made publically available. However a recent request for the software has prompted the author to make the software available to the internet, and thus offers it as an alternative to other GPS software available.


A number of years back the author was interested in testing a GPS unit, and purchased the Magellan* eXplorist GPS 100 (which was the cheapest unit at the time). After then gaining an interest in Geocaching, it was discovered that the eXplorist 100 inability to connect to a computer, made the device cumbersome to use.

The author then searched the internet to determine if it was possible to 'retroactively' make the eXplorist 100 link to a computer, and thankfully found the information to do this from the Rhamphorinkx GPS Team

A connection cable was then purchased, and the Rhamphorinkx GPS "NmeaSend" software was utilised for downloading and uploading data to the GPS. The "NmeaSend" software was difficult to use, so the author developed their own downloading and uploading program, (with loading and saving of data to disk).

Then (over time) the functionality of the software was extended to achieve tasks like: graphically displaying Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes over map tiles. To mouse select, delete, and modify data.

With the purchase of newer GPS units, the software modified to utilise the "GPX - GPS eXchange Format" as well as the " MGN - Magellan NMEA format". It also was extended to load, and import data from other sources, like "LOC" and "KML" data, from Geocaching web sites.


No liability whatsoever for the program operation, use of the data, accuracy of the data, loss of information, or anything else is accepted by the author of this program.


PKZiped of the program and help files:

    (~1.2 MB PKzip file)

Unzip the above file (to a user accessible directory), and run the new unziped file "GPS_Explorer.exe".