Note I make no promises or guarantees this is only a match making service.


Can you no longer attend a hacker con and want to sell your ticket to make sure it gets used?

  • Use the waitlist below to find a bunch of buyers!

Did you miss out on ticket sales for a hacker con and want to buy a ticket?

  • Don't panic, most events much closer (a few weeks) tickets start to go on sale. In fact many events on the day before and on the first day have many tickets for sale.

Please spread the word, if you see someone selling or looking for tickets link them here. #HackerConTicketExchange


Q: How do I remove myself from the list?

A: You can edit your original submission (if you asked for an email receipt it's usually easier) or you can DM the twitter account https://twitter.com/hcte_bot (it's just me , so there are delays).

Q: How will I get my ticket?

A: Ideally an eventbrite transfer, or they might just email you the barcode

I take no responsibility so please both be kind and careful - and transfer the ticket within eventbrite.


Q: How will I get paid for my ticket?

A: That is up to you to work out, paypal? zelle? venmo? amazon gift card?

I’d probably recommend going with a service like PayPal and have them pay as goods instead of sending as a friend. This will probably will provide some protection if a dispute is needed.



Created a unique twitter account


Removed email component


Manual emails


Shmoocon runs their own! https://www.shmoocon.org/general-information/

"If you’re looking for a legitimate way to sell your extra ticket to a stranger – contact us. We usually have a waiting list and as long as you are willing to sell the ticket at cost, we will help you sell it. Transactions managed this way also protect the buyer as we will reissue the barcode to the new purchaser."

Also known as - email info @ and they will put you on a list, you will NOT get confirmation.

Please consider selling your ticket through info @