2020 Hackberry Hill Science Fair

Welcome to the 2020 Hackberry Hill Science Fair! This annual event is fun for students of all ages, and we encourage all students (grades K-5) to participate. Fifth-graders are required to participate as part of their science curriculum. Students learn about a topic and present their findings to the school, using a tri-fold poster board. All students receive a t-shirt and certificate; top presentations receive merit awards.

You can sign up for the science fair here: https://bit.ly/2LCKhpn

There are 5 types of projects:

  1. Experiment using the scientific method - in this type of project, you develop a hypothesis and test it by gathering data. NOTE: 4th and 5th graders must use the scientific method and present an experiment. The other options below are allowed for grades K-3.
  2. Demonstration - this type of project shows a scientific process at work, but there's no question; you already know what will happen
  3. Collection - this type of project is a set of related items, like rocks, shells, leaves, etc. You can discuss groups or types of items.
  4. Apparatus - this type of project explains a tool used by scientists, like a telescope, microscope, or chemistry set
  5. Research - this type of project presents something you learned about science from books, websites, etc. (the difference between "research" and an "experiment" is that an experiment involves collecting your own data)

All students will present their findings by creating a display on a tri-fold posterboard. Students should ask Ms. Riley (5th grade teacher) for a posterboard. See the "ideas" page in the menu for examples of posters that students have presented in previous years.

This year we will again offer after-school workshops with professional scientists and engineers to help you find a cool project and develop it. Watch for more details in January.

For more details about the science fair, see the links in the menu: official rules, judging forms, and ideas for your science project. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 29th.

The worksheet below may be helpful in planning your study. It describes steps to take if you are using the scientific method (#1 on the list above).

Scientific Method Worksheet.docx