Head-to-Head Atari Adventure

H2H Adventure Screenshot

Atari Adventure Rebooted

  • Two to three players connected over the internet
  • Each with their own home castle
  • First one to bring the chalice to their castle wins
  • rest of game is pixel-perfect reproduction of original Atari Adventure

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Why does the download have expired certificates?

The certificates cost $500 per year and aren't worth it given only a handful of people are currently playing. The downloads have not been changed in a year and are still virus free, but virus checkers will warn about the expired certificate.

Does H2H Adventure still work?

H2H Adventure will still continue to work until Dec 31, 2020, when Unity will stop supporting the multiplayer infrastructure. After that you will only be able to play on local area networks using complex setup instructions. There will be one last game night in the Fall. Watch here or Facebook or Twitter for announcements.

Is H2H Adventure dead after December?

Maybe. H2HAdventure never was going to have a huge following, but hit several big road blocks in reaching the hundreds of people out there who remember this as a kid and would love to try it multiplayer. Unless I can figure out how to get it working through a webpage with no download and create a one player version to let people try it out by themselves, it is not worth putting effort into it.=