Optical gain in colloidal nanocrystals and solution-processed nanocrystal lasers

My PhD work with Prof. Volkan Demir at Bilkent University has shown that new types of (shape-controlled and composition-tuned) colloidal nanocrystals achieve superior optical gain & lasing properties as compared to conventional colloidal nanocrystals such as quantum dots. We have uncovered that the atomically-flat colloidal nanoplatelets of CdSe and its heterostructure exhibit low threshold optical gain and lasing [1,2,3], long gain lifetimes [2] and exceptionally large modal gain coefficients [1] in these materials. We also proposed and developed all-solution-processed nanocrystal lasers [3, 4]. We found giant two-photon absorption cross-section in nanoplatelets [5] and also achieved exceptionally stable lasing with platelet-in-box approach [7]. We showed tunable gain in the visible range with composition tailoring with gain covering from blue to green and red [2, 6, 8]. In addition, we showed spectral tuning of optical gain with changing biexciton properties in CdSe/CdS nanorod and quantum dot structures [9, 10]. I also developed two-photon and single-photon pumped flexible distributed feedback lasers based on blue-emitting oligofluorenes [11].

Selected Publications:

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