Our paper published at Nature Communications (Mar 2021)

Our ultrafast electron diffraction beamtime results on CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots unraveling the structural mechanisms of surface hole trapping as small polarons for the first time is now published at Nature Communications.

Our paper published at Nature Materials (Jan 2021)

Our results from LCLS experiment on single crystal lead halide perovskites is now published by Nature Materials. We performed the first femtosecond pump-probe diffuse x-ray scattering measurements and visualized polaronic distortions in real-time in lead halide perovskites.

Our news & views published at Light: Science and Applications (Feb 2021)

Our news and views piece in collaboration with Dr. Ibrahim Dursun is published in LSA! Here we articulate how to achieve long-range exciton diffusion in emerging nanocrystal films promising for light harvesting and excitonics.

Seminar talk at Center for Nanomaterials, Argonne National Lab (Mar 2020)

I delivered an invited e-seminar talk at CNM on "visualizing dynamic structural responses in photoexcited materials"

Our paper published at ACS Nano (Mar 2020)

Our paper 'Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Colloidal Gold Nanocrystals Monitored by Ultrafast Electron Diffraction and Optical Scattering Microscopy' got accepted by ACS Nano! In this large collaborative effort, we investigated heating and cooling dynamics of colloidal gold nanocrystals by using ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) and transient optical microscopy techniques (stroboSCAT). Thanks to Lindenberg, Talapin, Ginsberg, Salleo and Wood groups and SLAC MeV UED team for this fruitful collaboration!

Visited UChicago Chemistry Department (Mar 2020)

Visited Prof. Talapin's group and delivered a talk to UChicago Chem Department

New Job at Advanced Photon Source (APS) (Jan 2020)

Moved to Argonne National Lab to work as a staff scientist at Advanced Photon Source (APS)

MRS Fall 2019 (Boston, MA) (Dec 2019)

Delivered a talk and a poster at MRS Fall 2019, Boston, MA.

New paper at Nano Letters (Dec 2019)

Our paper 'Light-Induced Currents at Domain Walls in Multiferroic BiFeO3 ' has been accepted by Nano Letters! We uncover here the underlying mechanisms behind unusual photovoltaic responses in multiferroic bismuth ferrite films. Domain walls dominate the photocurrent generation in stripe domain samples, while the shift currents dominate in the monodomain films.

Beamtime at UED - SLAC (July 2019)

We were one of the first official users of ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) system at SLAC.

CLEO 2019 (San Jose, CA) (May 2019)

Delivered a talk on THz emission from 2D material heterostructures

OTST 2019 (Santa Fe, NM) (Apr 2019)

Delivered a talk and got awarded a travel grant for my talk on 'THz emission spectroscopy on energy-relevant materials.'

GRC Nanometerials for Energy 2019 (Ventura, CA) (March 2019)

Presented a poster on charge transfer dynamics in nanoscale energy-relevant materials probed by THz emission spectroscopy

New paper at Science Advances (Jan 2019)

Co-first-authored paper accepted by Science Advances! 'Recording interfacial currents on the sub-nanometer length and femtosecond time scale by terahertz emission'. In this work for the first time we uncovered that ultrafast charge transfer across 2D heterostructures leads to strong THz emission enabling a direct access into charge transfer rates and efficiencies

New paper at Nano Letters (Dec 2018)

Our paper 'Giant Modal Gain Coefficients in II-VI Nanoplatelets' has been accepted by Nano Letters! In this paper we show that modal gain in nanoplatelets exceeds 6,000 1/cm with an estimated material gain of 15,000 1/cm.

Beamtime at UED - SLAC (Oct 2018)

We did an ultrafast electron diffraction beamtime at SLAC.

MRS Fall 2018 (Boston, MA) (Dec 2018)

Got a symposium poster award for my poster titled 'Monitoring polaron formation dynamics in hybrid lead-halide perovskites.' Presented a talk on understanding phonon - phonon anharmonic interactions in thermoelectric materials measured by THz spectroscopy.

Beamtime at LCLS - SLAC (Oct 2018)

We did XPP beamtime at LCLS!

Stanford Materials Science Colloquium 2018, May 25th

Hosted Prof. Stephen Elliott from Cambridge University. Excellent talk!

Stanford Materials Science Colloquium 2018, May 18th

Hosted Prof. Chris Murray from UPenn at the Stanford MatSci colloquium. Great talk on self-assembly!

233rd ECS Meeting (Seattle, WA) 2018, May

Delivered an invited talk on optical gain and lasing in colloidal nanocrystals

SUPR-X (10th Stanford University Photonics Retreat) (Monterey, CA)

Presented my poster on THz emission from TMDC heterostructures (April 2018).

MRS Spring 2018 (Phoenix, AZ)

Presented two talks: THz emission in TMDC heterostructures and four-level optical gain in Type-II nanoplatelets.

Stanford Materials Science Colloquium 2018, Feb 2nd

Hosted Prof. Naomi Ginsberg from UC Berkeley. Great talk!

New paper at Advanced Materials (Dec 2017)

Paper got accepted in Advanced Materials and selected as back cover article! THz emission from hybrid perovskites

SLAC published a news feature about our Advanced Materials paper that is highlighted by other news outlets too (PhysOrg, NanoWerk, PVMagazine)

MRS Fall Meeting 2017 (Boston, MA), Dec

Presented THz emission in hybrid perovskites

Stanford Materials Science Colloquium 2018, Nov 17th

Hosted Dr. Matthew Beard from National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL). Excellent talk on ultrafast stuff!

Beamtime at Advanced Photon Source/Argonne National Lab

We performed time-resolved X-ray scattering experiments (Nov 2017)

New paper at the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Paper got accepted by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters: High efficiency optical gain in Type-II nanocrystals

Beamtime at European XFEL in Hamburg (Oct 2017)

We performed ultrafast X-ray scattering experiments - the first solid-state experiment of XFEL!