Senior Research Fellow, French Agricultural Research Institute (INRA), 
Food and Social Sciences Unit (ALISS).

Associated researcher Department of Economics Ecole Polytechnique.

Member of the steering committee of the chair Energy & Prosperity

INRA, ALISS, 65 Boulevard de Brandebourg, 94200 Ivry sur Seine, France


Forthcoming, Output-based allocations in pollution markets with uncertainty and self-selection. With Juan-Pablo Montero and Jean-Pierre Ponssard,
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Forthcoming, Defining the abatement cost in presence of learning-by-doing: application to the fuel electric vehicle, with Anna Creti, Alena Kotelnikova, Jean-Pierre Ponssard, 
Environmental and Resource Economics,

2018, Prices versus quantities in the presence of a second, unpriced, externality, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 20(2), 2018-238 
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 88, 210-233 WP

2018, Using output-based allocations to manage volatility and leakage in pollution markets. With Juan-Pablo Montero and Jean-Pierre Ponssard,
Energy Economics, 68, S1, WP

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 25(2), 259-535. WP

2015, Optimal production channel for private labels: too much or too little innovation? with Claire Chambolle and Clémence Christin,
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 24(2), 348-368. WP

Carbon Leakage and Capacity-Based Allocations: Is the EU right? with Jean-Pierre Ponssard and Philippe Quirion,
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 68(2), 262-279. WP

2014, Are clean technology and environmental quality conflicting policy goals? with Thierry Bréchet,
Resource and Energy Economics, 38, 61-83  WP

2014, Risk aversion and technology portfolio,
Review of Industrial Organization, 44(4), 347-365.  WP

2014, Capacity decisions with demand fluctuations and carbon leakagewith Jean-Pierre Ponssard,
Resource and Energy Economics, 36, 436-454. WP

2013, Risk aversion and technology mix in an electricity market,
Energy Economics, 40, 866-874. WP

2013, Option values of low carbon technologies policies, with Dominique Finon, 
Climate Policy, 13(1) 1-19. WP

2012, A Sectoral Approach Balancing Global Efficiency and Equity, with Jean-Pierre Ponssard,
Environmental and Resource Economics, 53(4), 533-552.

2011, Emission permit trading between imperfectly competitive product markets,
Environmental and Resources Economics 50(3), 347-364.

2011, Capacity choice, technological mix and market power,
Energy Economics 32(6), 1306-1315

Strategic commitment in a mixed oligopoly,
Research in Economics 62(2), 92-100.

The social efficiency of long-term capacity reserve mechanisms, with D. Finon and V. Pignon,
Utilities Policy 16(3), 202-214.

Effect of Demographic Population Factors and Individual Biological Parameters on the Rate of Neutral Molecular Evolution, with V. Fazalova, S. V. Semovski, D. Yu. Sherbakov,
Russian Journal of Genetics, 43, 1172-1180.

Working Papers

  • Antitrust versus Industrial Policies, Entry and Welfare, with Jean-Pierre Ponssard and Francisco Ruiz-Aliseda (Ecole Polytechnique). WP
  • The effect of low-carbon capital accumulation on the optimal cost and timing of carbon emissions reductions, with Stéphane Hallegate (World Bank) and Adrien Vogt-Shilb (CIRED),
    this work combines the two earlier working papers 1 and 2

  • Land sharing vs land sparing with incomplete policies WP
  • Higher Costs for Higher Profits: a general assessment and an application to environmental regulation. With Jean-Philippe Nicolaï. WP
  • The importance of considering optimal government policy when social norms matter for the private provision of public goods. With Ingmar Schumacher WP

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