List of Publications

List of Publications - Guy Deutscher


Syntactic Change in Akkadian. The Evolution of Sentential Complementation. Oxford University Press, 2000 (Paperback 2007).

(The full text of the book can be searched here)

Reviewed in: The Eagle (2001) 60-3. (G. C. HORROCKS), Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 92.1 (2002) 140-5. (M. P. STRECK), Bulletin of SOAS 65.3 (2002) 561-648 (M. J. GELLER), Bibliotheca Orientalis 59.3-4 (2002) 348-51 (N. J. C. KOUWENBERG), Diachronica 19.2 (2002) 405-10. (G. B. GRAGG), Journal of Linguistics 39.1 (2003) 204. (U. SHLONSKY), Journal of Semitic Studies 48.1 (2003)129-30 (L. EDZARD), Journal of the American Oriental Society 122 (2003) 803-7. (E. COHEN), Word 54.2 (2003) 283-5 (A. S. KAYE), SIL Electronic Book Reviews 2003-13 (2003) (U. SEIBERT), General Linguistics 42 (2002/2004) 115-119 (V. BUBENIK)

The Unfolding of Language. William Heinemann (UK), Metropolitan (US), 2005. (A digest of reviews)

Du Jane, ich Goethe: Eine Geschichte der Sprache. C.H. Beck Verlag, München, September 2008.(reviews)

Gilguley Lashon . Xargol & Am-Oved, May 2007.

Through the Language Glass. William Heinemann (UK), Metropolitan (US), 2010.


● The Akkadian Language in its Semitic Context. (Ed. by G. Deutscher and N. J. C. Kouwenberg). Leiden: Netherlands Institute of the Near East (PIHANS 106) (2006).


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● (with Eleanor Coghill) ‘The origin of ergativity in Sumerian, and the ‘inversion’ in pronominal agreement: a historical explanation based on Neo-Aramaic parallels’, Orientalia 71:3 (2002) 267-290.

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'Does your language shape how you think'? The New York Times (26. 8. 2010)