I am a Humboldt postdoctoral fellow in linguistics at the Seminar for English Philology at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Germany. My main research interest lies in syntax and linguistic variation.

I completed my doctoral thesis titled 'Person in Punjabi: Investigating Argument and Clitic Licensing' under the supervision of Pritha Chandra at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2016. In the first half of 2017, I was involved in an IITD-ICSSR project on Indo-Aryan Microvariation, which is invested in examining meso and micro level differences in case-agreement across a range of Indo-Aryan languages.

My key research topics include:

  • Person Licensing and Agreement
  • Imperatives
  • Case theory (with focus on morphological ergativity)
  • Clitics
  • Non-active voice systems

Upcoming Presentations:

  • Sept 2018 "Revisiting Person Licensing: the view from 3rd person clitics in Punjabi and French" (with Louise Raynaud) at LinG1: Workshop on Agreement and Anaphoricity
  • Oct 2018 "Addressee Agreement as the Locus of Imperative Syntax" at NELS 49
  • Oct 2018 "3rd person needs licensing too: Examining the se/-suu connection" (with Louise Raynaud) at SinFonIJA 11