Gurbachan Singh is visiting faculty at the Economics and Planning Unit at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Delhi Centre since 2010. He is also visiting professor at Ashoka University, and guest faculty at Management Development Institute (Gurugram).  

He was previously at the Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. 

His main teaching includes an advanced complete course in Financial Economics in MSc (Quantitative Economics) programme at the ISI. He is a keen teacher.

His academic writings are primarily on macro-financial stability; this is at the interface between Financial Economics and Macroeconomics. The work is primarily policy-oriented with theoretical backing. He has worked on pricing of real assets. He has done applied work on macro-financial stability (and financial repression) in India. He has been engaged in research (and teaching) on macro-financial stability long before the financial crisis in 2007 in the US. 

He received his PhD in Financial Economics from ISI (Delhi Centre), MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, and BA(H) in Economics from Hindu College, University of Delhi. 

His attempt is to write research papers that are in-depth, fresh, simple, insightful, socially useful, far-sighted and with a broad perspective. 

His recent papers are on (a) Enabling Policy Regime, Price Mechanism, and Macroeconomic Stability, (b) Adjusted Purchasing Power Parity, (c) Expansionary Restrictions in Financial Markets, (d) Improvements in Long-term Fundamentals, and Stock Market Bubbles, (e) Land Price, Bubbles, and Permit Raj, and (f) A Macroeconomic Model with Price Flexibility, (g) Thinking Afresh about Central Bank’s Interest Rate Policy, and (h) Overcoming Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rate without any Inflation.

He writes a column for the portal, Ideas for India, a portal run by International Growth Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science [the columns are often reprinted in Mint or Business Standard]. 

Home: M-65 South City I, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, PIN: 122001
Phone: +91-9910058954
E-mail: gurbachan.arti@gmail.com