Meet Our Officers

Scott Walter, President

Bill Bauer, Treasurer

Scott Walter lives in Detroit with his wife and three children and is the director of the Detroit Guitar Conservatory, a music conservatory dedicated to teaching classical guitar using the Suzuki Method. Scott has both an undergraduate degree in classical guitar performance and a graduate degree in music theory from Wayne State University. His interests in music are constantly evolving, but he has always been intrigued by the connection between music theory and musical performance and has invested in finding ways for students to engage in the cyclical relationship between these two areas. Because of his special interest in youth, he hopes to work with the society to develop resources for young classical guitarists that support their continued interests in classical guitar as well as attracting or exposing children to the instrument. A few of Scott’s ideas are: (1) developing resources for students on the CGSMs website such as free and graded sheet music, high quality recordings or links to high quality recordings, and possibly a forum for discussion; (2) intermittently use monthly society meetings to feature young performers from area studios, develop a youth ensemble, and have special discussions related to supporting quality music education for youth in classical guitar; (3) organize outreach performances for youth in areas likely to include their peers such as libraries, schools, churches, or cafes.

Bill Bauer grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and attended University of Dayton, earning a Mechanical Engineering degree. Bill started playing classical guitar during senior year at University of Dayton and later moved to Michigan in 1989 to work for Ford Motor Company. Bill has attended University of Cincinnati guitar workshop three times, the Interlochen Guitar Workshop two times and plays in a classical guitar quartet. This will be Bill’s second term as Treasurer of the Classical Guitar Society of Michigan.