Guillermo Noguera

Senior Lecturer 

The Review of Economics and Statistics
99(5): p. 896-911, 2017
This paper is a heavily revised version of NBER Working Paper 18186  

"Accounting for Intermediates: Production Sharing and Trade in Value Added" with Robert Johnson

Journal of International Economics, 86: p. 224-236, 2012 
Winner of the Bhagwati Award for the best paper published during 2011-2012
In the media: New York Times, VoxEU

"Proximity and Production Fragmentation"
with Robert Johnson

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings
, 102(3): p. 407-411, 2012


Econ 301: International Trade: Data and Analysis. Spring 2019
Econ 403: Trade and Development. Spring 2018, Spring 2019

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