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  • Language Barriers in MNCs and Knowledge Transfers, with Louise Guillouët, Amit K. Khandelwal and Matthieu Teachout
  • Ownership Changes, Management and Efficiency: Evidence from Rwanda's Coffee Industry, with Ameet Morjaria
Working Papers

Published / Forthcoming Papers

  1. Competition and Relational Contracts in the Rwanda Coffee Chain, with Ameet Morjaria, November 2020, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, accepted.  
  2. Strategic Default in the International Coffee Marketwith Arthur Blouin, 2019 The Quarterly Journal of Economics134(2), pp.895-951 
  3. Demand and Supply of Infrequent Payments as Commitment Device: Evidence from the Kenya Dairy Industry, with Lorenzo Casaburi, American Economic Review, February 2019
  4. The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenya Rose Exports, with Ameet Morjaria, 2015, American Economic Review, 105(9), pp.2911-45
  5. Loyalty, Exit and Enforcement: Evidence from a Kenya Dairy Cooperative (with Lorenzo Casaburi), American Economic ReviewPapers & Proceedings, May 2015
  6. The Market for Training Services: A Demand Experiment with Bangladeshi Garment Factories (with A. Rabbani and C. Woodruff), American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, May 2015
  7. Financing Experimentation (with Mikhail Drugov), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 6(1): 315-49, 2014
  8. Financial Development and Vertical Integration: Theory and EvidenceJournal of the European Economic Association 10.2 (2012): 255-289.
  9. Vertical Integration and Investor Protection in Developing CountriesJournal of Development Economics, 93-2: 162–172, November 2010
  10. Public Sector Motivation and Development FailuresJournal of Development Economics, 86-1: 201-213, April 2008

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