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Current Research

Strategic Default in the International Coffee Marketwith Arthur Blouin, November 2018, R&R at QJE

Challenges of Change: An Experiment Training Women to Manage in the Bangladeshi Garment Sector, with Andreas Menzel, Atonu Rabbani and Christopher Woodruff, December 2015

Competition and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Rwanda's Coffee Mills, with Ameet Morjaria, December 2014

The Effect of Ethnic Violence on an Export-Oriented Industry, with Chris Ksoll and Ameet Morjaria, R&R at Review of Economics and Statistics, October 2010

Development Uncorked: Reputation Acquisition in the New Market for Chilean Wines in the UK, June 2010 

Published / Forthcoming Papers

Demand and Supply of Infrequent Payments as Commitment Device: Evidence from the Kenya Dairy Industry, with Lorenzo Casaburi, July 2018, American Economic Review, forthcoming

The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenya Rose Exports (with Ameet Morjaria), American Economic Review, 105(9), pp.2911-45

Loyalty, Exit and Enforcement: Evidence from a Kenya Dairy Cooperative (with Lorenzo Casaburi), American Economic ReviewPapers & Proceedings, May 2015

The Market for Training Services: A Demand Experiment with Bangladeshi Garment Factories (with A. Rabbani and C. Woodruff), American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, May 2015

Financing Experimentation (with Mikhail Drugov), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 6(1): 315-49, 2014

Financial Development and Vertical Integration: Theory and EvidenceJournal of the European Economic Association 10.2 (2012): 255-289.

Vertical Integration and Investor Protection in Developing CountriesJournal of Development Economics, 93-2: 162–172, November 2010

Public Sector Motivation and Development FailuresJournal of Development Economics, 86-1: 201-213, April 2008

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship: Relational Contracts in Developing Countries in Claude Menard and Mary Shirley (eds.) The Research Agenda in New Institutional Economics. Northampton & Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub., 2018.