Who Am I? Since January 2019, I'm a Lecturer (continuing position) in Logic at the University of Queensland (Australia). Before this, I was a postdoc in mathematical logic in the Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems at Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria) on an FWF project on residuated structures. Overlapping with this, I also worked on a GACR project on predicate graded logics.

What Do I Do? My current research focuses on mathematical fuzzy logic. In particular, I bring methods from model theory into the area of fuzzy logic. More broadly, I'm interested in non-classical logics (in particular semantical analysis by both algebraic and model-theoretic methods), non-classical mathematics, and philosophy of logic/mathematics.

Supervision. I can supervise projects in non-classical logics and their applications, philosophy of maths/logic and solutions to the logical paradoxes. If you're an international or domestic student considering a PhD at UQ in any of these areas, please get in touch and check out the UQ Grad School Scholarship programme ($27,596 per annum).