Associate Professor, Monash University -- Australia

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Call for students: Monash University and AEMO invite prospective graduate students to apply for the Zema Energy Studies Scholarship .


This paper revisits an old question of mixed model under a new lens. It is rooted in moral hazard and so departs from the well-established "false moral hazard" models; therefore only the transfer function can be used to steer agents. In equilibrium it is distorted for all agents; the high type receives a rent and works less, the low type is exposed to more risk and works more. This stands in contrast to known results.



National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG)

My lovely wife sits on the board of this remarkable organization that helps children grieving through the loss of a parent, whatever the circumstances. These events occur every day; 5% of families in Australia are affected. These are unspoken but real tragedies for the kids. Incredibly the counselors volunteer their time. The NCCG welcomes your donations to pay for toys, books, food and other basics for the kids.

Tim Burton

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