Associate Professor, Monash University -- Australia

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Call for students: Monash University and AEMO invite prospective graduate students to apply for the Zema Energy Studies Scholarship .


In a paper that is well known in the literature, Guerrieri, Shimer and Wright (2010) claim it is equivalent for principals to all post a full vector of contracts and to segment the market by offering each only one type of contract. This notes shows this assertion is only true under a condition that is very restrictive, which renders it mostly impractical. In conducting our work on dynamic moral hazard we never found a comprehensive proof of the global concavity of the value function of a principal. This note corrects this deficiency. The proof is actually simple and applies to all papers currently published in this literature.



National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG)

My lovely wife sits on the board of this remarkable organization that helps children grieving through the loss of a parent, whatever the circumstances. These events occur every day; 5% of families in Australia are affected. These are unspoken but real tragedies for the kids. Incredibly the counselors volunteer their time. The NCCG welcomes your donations to pay for toys, books, food and other basics for the kids.