Weekly Recycling

Here at ECOS, we perform weekly recycling of paper.

When and Where?

This event takes place every Wednesday after school in Ms. Rackley's room. This event usually lasts from 3:15-4:00 PM but you may leave whenever you are complete.

What do I do?

Upon entering the room for the club, there will be a rough layout projected on the screen. The layout projected will match the tables in the room.

Each table will be assign to a portion of GSMST, whether it be the different floors or sections of the building.

Choose a table that corresponds to a location you wish to pick up recycling, and get seated. At 3:15 PM, you will be dismissed for duty.

Take a plastic bag (if they aren't handed to you) and head to your designated location. Pick up all papers. DO NOT PICK UP PLASTIC, ALUMINUM, OR CARDBOARD. As of right now, we can only recycle paper.

After you finish picking up paper, head to where you deposit the paper. It might vary from week to week as the officers are trying to deal with a recycling crisis at the moment.

You may leave when you finish.


For helping out with recycling, you are allowed to receive service hours. You receive one hour for doing the physical work of recycling, and bonus hours for taking the paper to a recycling center.