Course Policies and Grading

Your grade will be determined as follows:

(10%) Matlab assigments + Matlab Quiz. Each assignment is worth 1% and the quiz is worth 6%. For more info on Matlab assignments go to

(10%) Homework Assignments.

(40%) Midterm Exams. There will be two Midterms, each is worth 20% of your grade. The dates are found in the course calendar (subject to change). I will substitute your grade on the final exam for your lowest midterm score, if it helps improve your grade.

(40%) Final Exam. The Final Exam is on Friday, March 18th, 3-6PM. You must take and pass the final in order to pass the course.

Learning mathematics is a hands-on activity. In my experience, students who do not put effort into the homework assignments almost always fail the course.
See the course homepage for assignments and dates.  Homework will be due weekly on Wednesdays and is to be turned into your section's mailbox on 6th floor of AP&M by 4PM. Late homework will not be accepted, however I will drop your lowest homework grade.

I encourage you to discuss your homework with your classmates as well as the instructors, TAs and tutors. However, the written work you turn in must be your own.
Your work must be neatly presented and clearly explained. Please note that simply giving the correct answer with no explanation will result in zero credit for the problem.

All exams are closed book. You are not allowed to use calculators and all electronic devices must be turned off during the exam. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are able to take the exams at the regularly scheduled time. If you miss 1 midterm, your grade on the final will be substituted for that score.