Welcome to Weird War Two; that familiar ground trod by many an adventurer. We offer to you a new direction in that same place ... but with less gonzo and more strange. 

Do you want to resolve Weird War II on a larger scale than merely gorilla-to-zombie or maiden-to-werewolf?  Do you enjoy consims ala GMT, SPI, AH, or LnL?  Do you like giant robots? Can you handle ZOC and supply-lines? How does a grand-tactical Weird War II simulation game sound to you?  Interesting?

Well, good! This game is for you!

Here's where we put all of our stuff while we go through alpha and beta.  The core game is solid. That also means that we've finished the primary set of assets for the American and German principal factions.  There's several more to go; Italy, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom.  There's also satellite and vassal nations that we want to bring in; China, France, Finland, India.  Additionally, some of the rules like leaders and logistics cards are still in the works, but do not fret because the game is entirely playable at this time.

Right now, the core rules for the European Theater of Operations (ETO) is late-alpha but the previews are available for the noble pursuit of print-and-play gamers!  Be forewarned; it's a lot of stuff!  Here's what the game looks like fully laid out.

Here's a thread on Boardgame Geek showing the elements of the game.

Keep coming back and we'll keep adding stuff to the site.