Published Research

Academic Publications 

A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-Post Heterogeneity 2018, Theoretical Economics, Forthcoming. Joint with Pierre-Olivier Weill and Russell Wong.

Supplementary Appendices

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Supplemental Appendices

Decentralizing Constrained-Efficient Allocations in the Lagos-Wright Pure Currency Economy. 2017, Journal of Economic Theory 167, 1-13. Joint with Ayushi Bajaj, Tai-Wei Hu, and Mario Rafael Silva.

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Version with unpublished appendices, including a model with Asset-Backed Securities

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Joint with Boragan Aruoba and Christopher Waller.

An earlier version with additional bargaining solutions


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Fed Publications

Coordination Failures in the Labor Market, 2007, November, Economic Commentary of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (joint with MuratTasci)

The Minimum Wage and the Labor Market, 2007, May 1, Economic Commentary of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (joint with Murat Tasci)

Understanding Unemployment, 2006, October 15, Economic Commentary of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


Economics of payments, 2006, Policy Discussion Paper of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, no 14 
(joint with Ed Nosal)


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