Grittleton Parish Council meet bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September and November.  Meetings are also scheduled in February, April, June, August, October and December to discuss planning matters, but only take place if specific issues have arisen.  Meetings always take place on a Monday evening in the Village Hall at 7:30 pm and members of the public are welcome to attend. 


Members of the Parish Council represent all parts of the Parish including Grittleton, Littleton Drew, The Gibb and Sevington. 


Should you wish to contact the Parish Council, please do so by contacting the Chair - contact details below:-


Councillors Details

Jonny Walker (Chairman) Tel: 01249 783034

East Dunley Farm, Grittleton SN14 6PX

Brendan McCarron Tel: 07810 547226

The Horseshoes, Sevington SN14 7LD

 Julian Brunt Tel: 01249 782403

Manor Farm, Grittleton SN14 6AN


Lesley Palmer Tel: 01249 783157

The Old Forge, The Street, Grittleton  SN14 6AP


Boo West Tel: 01249 782168

Fosse Cottage, Grittleton


 Andy Gough Tel: 01249 783293

The Old Stores, The Gibb SN14 7LJ


 Jim Anderson Tel: 01249 783389

1 Rathill Cottages, West Sevington SN14 7LB

Rob Coombs Tel:  01249 782772

Old School House, Littleton Drew  SN14 7NA 

Wendy New Tel: 01249 783687

The Cottage, Littleton Drew  SN14 7NB

Unitary Cllr Jane Scott

Meeting Dates 2019
21st January, 18th March, 21st May - Tuesday (AGM), 15th July, 16th September, 18th November

Planning Meetings (only take place if specific issues have arisen):-
18th February, 15th April, 17th June, 19th August,
21st October & 16th December 2019

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