Movie Theater Usher at Regal Cinemas (Fort Wayne, IN)  1996-97

Record Store Clerk at Musicland (Fort Wayne, IN) 1997-99

Art Student at Indiana University 1998-02

Host of various music hours (WIUS, Bloomington, IN)  1999-01

Label Rep for Quannum Records, Ground Control Records 1999-01

Record Store Asst. Manager at Sam Goody (Bloomington, IN) 1999-01

Music Critic at Indiana Daily Student (Bloomington, IN)  2000-01

Music Writer for countless zines, websites and magazines  2001-09

Assistant Manager at Sam Goody (Fort Wayne, IN)  2001-04

Music Critic at Whatzup Magazine 2003-2010

Record Store Clerk at Wooden Nickel (Fort Wayne, IN)  2004-05

Record Store Assistant Manager at f.y.e. (Fort Wayne, IN)  2004-06

Freelance Graphic Designer and Journalist  2004-Current

Freelance painter/artist  2005-Current

Managing Editor/Graphic Designer at Whatzup Magazine  2006-09

Record Store Manager at Sam Goody (Seattle, WA)  2009-10

Marketing at Easy Street Records (Seattle, WA)  2009-10

Director/Editor/DP of music videos / short art films   2010-Current

Writer/Director/Editor of feature film Holler and the Moan   2010-11

Freelance AC/PA in NYC (Broad City, Louie's OMG, etc.)  2012-13

Writer/Director/Editor of feature film Forever Into Space (NYC)  2013-15

Assistant Manager at Permanent Records (Brooklyn)  2014-15

Graphic Designer at Strand Book Store (NYC)  2015-2018

Writer/Director/Editor of feature film Drinking Water (NYC)  2017-18

Videographer/Editor/Camera/Director at Sweetwater Sound  2018-2021

Videographer/ Graphic Designer at Spear (NYC)  2021-March 2022

Art Director at Wolf Project (NYC)  March 2022-December 2022


- Kicking the Rub, novel, 2007, completed

- In a Single Day, short film (beginner), 2009, WATCH IMDB PAGE

- Guerilla Tourist, video series, 2009-10, PT1 PT2 PT3 PT4 PT5

- The Coterie Daze, feature-length screenplay, 2009, completed

- a tidal bore, short screenplay, 2009, completed

- Actual Anger, novel, 2010, unpublished

- Holler and the Moan, feature film, 2011, released, IMDB PAGE

- Aladroit Bux, 40-piece painting collection, 2012, private/sold

- He Hop Wave, feature-length screenplay, 2012, unpublished

- (A Film Called) Jaz, DIY short film, 2013, WATCH IMDB PAGE

- Jorma at Night, short screenplay, 2013, completed

- Too Many Days, DIY short film, 2013, WATCH IMDB PAGE

- Forever Into Space, feature film, 2015, IMDB PAGE

- In the City Wild, feature-length screenplay, 2016, completed

- Against the Pricks, feature-length screenplay, 2017, completed

- Drinking Water, feature film, 2018, Played at Festivals IMDB PAGE

- The Voice of the Voiceless, short film, 2020, IMDB PAGE

- Calls from a Plague, feature film, 2021, editing stages

- Fragmented Interpretations, short, 2021, at festivals IMDB PAGE

- (Back) on Broadway, short, 2021, IMDB PAGE