Research Overview

My current research focuses on the following topics in both banking and insurance:

  • empirical banking, esp. the effects of regulation and supervision on bank behaviour and systemic risk,
  • corporate risk management and its determinants,
  • quantitative risk management, esp. market risk forecasting, dependence modeling, and backtesting,
  • CDS pricing.


  • capital structure decisions of life/non-life insurers,
  • systemic risk in the insurance sector (both empirically and theoretically), and
  • corporate social responsibility of global insurance companies.
I have been a frequent visitor to both the banking and the insurance supervision departments of the Deutsche Bundesbank as well as an invited speaker at events of the BaFin (German Financial Supervisory Authority), the ACPR/Banque de France (the French Financial Supervisory Authority), the IVASS (Italian insurance supervisory authority), and the BIS.