Well we had a great turnout for the first match of 2020 so thanks to all that showed up. We broke in the new scoring system and with a little help we got through the match ok. We intend to improve on this as we go and I really think in a few matches we will have it down pat so please bare with us and speak up if you have any suggestions. Next month we will add water proof covers for the pads and battery packs in case the pads run low on power. By Feb or March we will be to print the results as we use to so we can see the results at the end of the match as well. I Hope everyone enjoyed the match and next month just might be a barn burner so hold on to yer' hats. See you then, Junky


Clean Shooter's for Jan

Doc Perry 

Kid Ray 

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Clean Match Awards
Shoot clean and leave with a nice brass coin. If you pile them up you can use them to pay for you match fee's. Each coin is worth $5.




Upcoming Events
Waiting for spring
SC State Championship
moved to Nov for 2020

Regular Schedule 

The Greenville Gunfighters shoot the 4th Sunday of each month at the Greenville Gun Club in Greenville, South Carolina

The Greenville Gun Club is a SASS affiliated club and offers Cowboy Action Shooting as the Greenville Gunfighters.
Visitors are welcome at our open events and competitions.  Non-members may participate and shoot at all open matches and competitions but may not shoot on any other ranges except as a guest of a member.

The Greenville Gunfighters strive to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun Cowboy Action Shooting has to offer. We always encourage new Cowboys and Cowgirls to come join the fun.

This shooting discipline lets you step back into the past using the firearms of the Old West while enjoying the fun and excitement of action shooting sports.  combine that with friendly competition that welcomes shooters of all levels and you can see why Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport today.
  • We shoot 6 Stages which will require 60 rounds of Pistol ammo, 60 rounds of Rifle ammo and 25 – 30 Shot shells.
  • All bullets must be solid lead low velocity “cowboy loads” and shot no larger than 7 1/2.
Registration opens at 8:30 and the mandatory safety briefing is at 9:30 am. Shooting starts at 10:00 am sharp. Match fees are $10 for all shooters and Buckaroo’s (13 years old and younger) shoot free.
Open to the public and no charge for spectators and guests. Please bring eye and ear protection with you.


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