About The Team

We are a group of energetic and passionate youngsters from Karachi, Pakistan. Our mission is to make our mark in the industry by providing the most influential and innovative solutions to the world.
We intend to provide quality software products to the users. Greatly influenced by ubiquitous computing and the acceptance of mobile technology by the consumers we are trying to build the most innovative software solutions.
 Team Members Email
Danish Siddiqui mohammaddsiddiqui@gmail.com
 Hammad Masood  masoodhammad@gmail.com
 Hassan Farid hassan.seth@gmail.com 
 Sarim Khan sarim.javaid.khan@gmail.com


We all share a Global environment. Changes in some part of the world may not affect that area only; it may affect other cities, countries around it. So it is the responsibility of each and everyone to make this world a better place to live.
The third world countries are generally more prone to environmental problems and energy crisis. Many of us cannot contribute in finding alternative energy resources but all of us can contribute to make the environment greener. We all can take steps to minimize the energy consumption for e.g. turning off the light when not needed, closing the underground water tanker valve when tank is full. Each step of us can be a small contribution to something big.  All of us can contribute in making the area near us greener by disposing the trash near us.

Solution- Green it !

What we generally concluded from our survey was that people put all the blame on government officials that they never respond to the problems and the area around us remains black where on the other hand the government officials say that we try to resolve every problem reported to us.
We concluded that there is generally a communication gap between the society and the officials. Officials never get to know all the problems and thus this remains a big obstacle in making the city Go Green.
The following table shows a summary of our solution.

 Key Activities

 Customer Segment

 Report Issues Smart phone users 
Verify reported issue  Google+ users 
 Garbage Government authorities 
Traffic congestion  Media 
 Noise Common public 
 Tank overflow  
 No side walks  
 Energy waste Channels 
Statistics generation Mobile app 
Media interaction  Web app 
Government interaction  Google+ integration 
 Issue resolving reports  
 Badges on performance  

The targeted audience will generally be smart phone users, Google+ users, government authorities, media and common public. Common public affected by problems like garbage disposal, no sidewalks for pedestrians will report issues through our system.
Steps Involved are:
  • Reporting issue
  • Verify issue
  • Statistics and report generation
  • Media interaction
  • Government  interaction
  • Issue resolved
  • Verify if issue resolved
  • Giving badges, perks to healthy, green Citizens
Users will login to our system using Google plus to report issues. Like this we don’t need to build a new platform for our system and 150 million Google plus users can use our system to go Green. The users will have to select a category that best fits their problem. They can take a snapshot of the issue and attach it with the reported problem. Extra comments if any can be added so describe the issue in a much better way. The exact location can be fetched by GPS. That’s all we need, the issue is ready to be fired to our server.
Our server will send notifications to the Smartphone devices that are near the area to verify if the problem reported is authentic. They can answer with Yes, No or don’t know. The problem reported with more No’s will be wiped off, whereas the problem with more Yes’s will be considered authentic.
Our System will then generate reports of the problems reported in an area and present it to the web interface. A true authentic statistical report will be presented for all the ‘Green it’ subscribers to see. The report will be displayed area wise. Report tags will be displayed under each problem. Reliability of the issue, duration can also be viewed along with the area map. Like this the official held responsible for a certain area can see the issues reported in his area and can take steps to solve them. The users will also get to know about the issues that are being reported in their area.
If no action is taken against the reported issues after fixed time duration then the statistical reports can be handed over to the media. Media being the influential authority these days can bring it out on a larger scale and question the authorities involved.
If the issue is resolved then there will be another notification sent to the users to verify if the issue is     actually resolved. The users passing by or living in there will be given three options Yes, No, Don’t know. If majority people report a Yes then the issue is resolved and will be wiped from the server.
To keep promoting this healthy activity and making the environment go greener we have planned up for a reward system:
Rewards, titles.

Participation Rewards,
100 Reports
50 Reports
20 Reports

1000 Verifications
500 Verifications
200 Verifications
50 Verifications

(On most visibility in area, town, and problem category)
* Mayor of the Area
* Mayor of the town
* The category champ

Periodic Rewards,
* GreenIt Leader of the Day
* GreenIt Leader of the Month
* GreenIt Leader of the Year