Peer-Reviewed Publications    

    Buckles, Grant T. (Forthcoming). Internal Opposition Dynamics and Restraints on Authoritarian ControlBritish Journal of Political Science. 

Working Papers

    Opposition Unity and Cooptation in Hybrid Regimes (with Jennifer Gandhi).
    Partners in Autocracy: The Party Foundations of Opposition Cooptation

    Correlates of Election Fraud: Evidence from Uganda (with Danielle Jung and James D. Long)

Research in Progress
    Weakening Party Dominance in Local Elections: Survey Evidence from South Africa    
        (with Sabrina KarimLindsey Pruett, and Alex Dyzenhaus)

Commentary & Analysis

    "Nigeriens Remain Confident in Institutions Amid Conflict." Gallup News. 2 November 2017. 

    "For now, the ANC’s support is holding steady — but that may not last. Here’s why." The Washington Post (Monkey Cage blog). 12 July 2017.