About This Site

This is an UNOFFICIAL web site put together to give information about The Gransdens, and to give links to web sites of village organisations, and also links to sites with information that may be useful or of interest to those in the villages. If you want to point out an error or omission on this site, or wish to have a link to your website added (and that website is of relevance to either of the Gransdens, or both!), please email the webmaster!


We do not record any information about your site visit, though as the site is "Powered By Google Sites", Google itself may track your visit, subject to its privacy policy. Information on the website is believed to be in the public domain, as it mainly consists of links to other sites, information supplied to the webmaster for inclusion on the website, and extracts from other sites such as Wikipedia that are in the public domain. If you send the webmaster any personal information for inclusion on this website - for example, you might send us an email address as the contact for a village club - please ensure that it is OK to publish it here. If you send the webmaster an email, we will assume it is OK to store any personal information you pass on about yourself, but won't pass it on or publish it here (apart from information you ask us to publish, obviously). If you want information removed, contact the webmaster in the first instance.