The Gransdens

Interested in the Gransdens? You've come to the right place!

The purpose of this web site is simple: to act as a single point where you can start finding out about the Gransdens - a pair of villages (Little Gransden and Great Gransden) west of Cambridge that straddle the historic border between Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. Rather than trying to be encyclopaedic, it hopes to have some basic information about the villages, and lots of references to other sites where you can find out more detail. Explore the links on the tabs above to see what's available.

You can contribute!

Have any suggestions for information that should be on this site? Know of another site with information about any aspect of either or both of the villages? Know of a village organisation with its own web site which ought to be referenced here? Let us know! Also, do you run a village organisation which wants a simple, one-page web presence? again, let us know and we can discuss adding a page to this web site especially for you. Finally, if you have your own web site related to the Gransdens but lack a snappy domain name, contact us to discuss setting up a name such as