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New Members! 85 Tornado Squadron Air Cadets!

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Grand Valley Lions present

River City Truck Show June 17 & 18

Come see trucks shined and clean in who bring all our goods across country, talk to a trucker to get to know what they do and come at night to see there trucks light up. Free to come and browse.

This Year Lions Memebers are Celebrating Awards!

Left: President Lion Kevin Ewew

Beside: Lion Kathy Nussey 15 years as Lion Member!

Beside: Lion Jim Shaw 50 years as a Lion Member!

Right: Lion Randy McCelland 45 years as a Lion Member!

Let's give a big shout to these wonderful Lion Members for helping our community over the years!!

We made the Neighbur News paper!

Left: Lion Kelley

Right: Lion Regan

The release of the butterflies! Looking into next year for another one stay tuned!!

Masquerade On Main

Weekend Before Halloween All The Stores Participate In Handing Out Candy

More Info Next Year Stay Posted!

Lions Club Grand Valley

NEWS Section!

Grand Valley Duck Race Saturday May 28 2022. Tickets on sale now

Grand Valley Lions 25th Duck Race Prize Winners

1. $1000 sponsored by GFL Environmental, #2845, won by Jenna Ince, Orangeville.

2. $1000 sponsored by Orica Canada, 3488, won by Dave Loveridge, Cochrane.

3. $600 sponsored by Thomasfield Homes, #902, won by Tia Randall, Orangeville.

4. $600 sponsored by Family Tree Real Estate, #443, won by Beth Burgess, Orangeville.

5. $505 sponsored by Speedy Glass, #2712, won by Lori Price, Acton. 6. $500 sponsored by Direct Plastics, a Novolex Company, #27, won by Bill Davies, Grand Valley. 7 $500 sponsored by Blackstock Lincoln Ford, #3393, won by Lorna Hashem, Orangeville. 8. $500 sponsored by Deckers Tire Service, 3715, won by Vanessa Hepple Spence, Orangeville. 9. $500 sponsored by Royal Bank, #1434, won by Jackie Kempel, Fergus. 10. $500 sponsored by Paul Walker & Sons Trucking, #16, won by Lisa Lewington, Grand Valley. 11. $500 sponsored by WinMar, 1397, won by Barry Uprichard, Shelburne. 12. $500 sponsored by Greenwood Construction, 2387, won by Randy Mugford, Grand Valley. 13. $500 gift certificates sponsored by Mayberry Hill Association, #2889, won by Linsy Grisdale, Grand Valley. 14. $500 value of custom orthotics inserts by FIT Clinic, Grand Valley, #2902, won by Sara Donnelly, East Garafraxa. 15. $500 sponsored by Rachell McCrone, EXP Realty Brokerage, #975, won by Ashley Eisen, East Garafraxa. 16. $500 sponsored by R J Burnsides & Associate,#2018, won by Luna Baird, Grand Valley. 17. $500 sponsored by All-Mont Garage Doors, #877, won By Leanna Zaina, Grand Valley. 18. $300 sponsored by Mayberry Hill Association, #2347, won by Anita Gansekoele, Grand Valley. 19. $275 sponsored by the Perked Pierogi, #2771, won by Gierra Gauthier, Welland. 20. $300 sponsored by Grandview Builders, #2781, won by Chris Evans, Grand Valley. 21. $250 sponsored by S Burnett & Associates, #67, won by Josie Brooks, Amaranth. 22. $250 sponsored by Grand Valley Drug Store, #472, won by Riley Mulliss, Grand Valley. 23. $250 sponsored by Orangeville Chrysler, #2204, won by Sara Walker, Grand Valley. 24. $250 sponsored by Orangeville Honda, #1439, won by Crystal Marshall, Dundalk. 25. $250 sponsored by MacEwen Glass, #736, won by Jim Bradley, Aurora. 26. $250 sponsored by Grand Valley Car Wash, #3252, won by Austin Taylor, Amaranth. 27. $250 sponsored by Silverdale Motors, #1374, won by Kayla Aleksic. 28. $250 sponsored by Arthurs Fuel, #1980, won by Joan Pope, Grand Valley. 29 $250 sponsored by Musashi Auto Parts Canada, #410, won by Anna Fenech, Grand Valley. 30. $250 sponsored by Stump Busters, #2590, won by Samantha Wierer. 31. $250 sponsored by Tony Cassar, IG Wealth Management, #1849, won by Pam Comeau, Orangeville. 32. $250 sponsored by Circle K ($200 cash, 50 gift card), 33220, won by Susie D’Angelo, Brampton. 33. $250 sponsored by Clorox Company of Canada, #1798, won by May Thompson, Grand Valley. 34. $250 sponsored by J S Taylor Trucking, #2247, won by Jeff Bennett, Hillsburgh. 35. $250 gift certificate for residential carpet cleaning from Heaven’s Best Orangeville, #2429, won by Laurie Deckers, Amaranth. 36. $250 sponsored by Paws on Main, #3339, won by Alicia Mitchell, Grand Valley. 37. $250 sponsored by Davenport Auto Parts & Supplies, #2321, won by Abby ONeill, Grand Valley. 38. $249 sponsored by Orangeville Nissan, #1778, won by Paulette Sider, Grand Valley. 39. $200 sponsored by M & M Food Market, #1370, won by Eric Zanardo, Orangeville. 40. $200 sponsored by Frank Wilson Electric, #2512, won by Amanda Masters, East Garafraxa. 41. $200 sponsored by Amy Steele, Dufferin County Real Estate, #2666, won by Ashmeet Kaur

Marcoatt, Brampton. 42. $200 sponsored by Donna Marie Davison, ReMax Real Estate Centre, #2146, won by Don Sawyer, Peterborough. 43. $151.51 sponsored by Fuller Contracting, #430, won by David Spurgeon, Grand Valley. 44. $150 sponsored by Concierge Mortgages Group, #603, won by Trevor Fuller, Orangeville. 45. $150 sponsored by Highland Restoration, #446, won by Jackie Hust, Orangeville. 46. $150 sponsored by Orangeville Optometric Centre, #856, won by Joy Appleyard, Grand Valley . 47. $150 sponsored by Christine Taylor Design, #908, won by Richard Chilvers, Hockley Valley. 48. $110 Birthday Party Package sponsored by Mag’s Caked Bliss, #2369, won by Cheryl Cote, Mono. 49. $100 sponsored by Grand Valley Insurance, #3442, won by April Richardson, Grand Valley. 50. $100 sponsored by Blueline Home Services, #3413, won by Randy Mugford, Grand Valley. 51. $100 gift card from the Grand River Chop House, #1548, won by Joanna Marciniak, Grand Valley. 52. $100 sponsored by Renewed Energy, #2545, won by Howard Davis, Grand Valley. 53. $100 sponsored by Dean’s Tree Care, #2442, won by Dave Stevenson, Arthur. 54. $100 sponsored by Grand Valley Home Hardware, 32679, won by Lorraine Doyle, Orangeville. 55. $100 sponsored by Holmes Agro, #2448, won by Joanne Stevenson, Grand Valley. 56. $100 sponsored by Ted McDougal, #1679, won by Jeannette Massicotte, Grand Valley. 57. $100 sponsored by Heirloom Kitchens, #1924, won by Blake Walt, Grand Valley. 58. $100 sponsored by Katered by Kelly, #775, won by Deb Lomas, Orangeville. 59. $100 sponsored by Rebecca Hostrawser, RCR Realty, #3329, won by Carrie Molson, Grand Valley. 60. $100 sponsored by Amaranth Auto Service, 31309, won by Misty Sullivan, Orangeville. 61. $100 sponsored by Samson Welding, #277, won by Adam Milley, Amaranth. 62. $100 sponsored by Taylor Lawn Care & Handyman, #2099, won by Brennan Solecky, Grand Valley. 63. $100 sponsored by Arthur Chrysler Dodge Jeep, #268, won by Susan Milley, Grand Valley. 64. $100 sponsored by Mill Creek Pub, #3264, won by Leanne Zaina, Grand Valley. 65. $100 sponsored by SRT Electrical Service, #1407, won by Cade Rutledge, Orangeville . 66. $100 sponsored by Jolly Ranchers Day Care, #2963, won by Natalia Carini, Grand Valley. 67. $100 RLB accounting BBQ package, #1089, won by Justice Shields, Grand Valley. 68. $100 Mark’s gift card, #43, won by Crystal Holtby, Grand Valley. 69. $100 sponsored by Freedom Lock & Security Inc., #2458, won by Ashley Raynard, Grand Valley. 70. $100 sponsored by Pryde Heating Service, #3110, won by Leya Duigu, Grand Valley. 71. $100 sponsored by Bromley Business Solutions, #3386, won by Andrew Jackson, Grand Valley. 72. $100, 1 gift card of $50 from Whiskey & Wine Rustic Design Co. & one $50 gift card from Whiskey & Wine Rentals, won by Samantha Leggo, 73. $100 gift card from the Grand River Chop House, #3022, won by Tom Blumetti, Brampton. 74. $100 gift certificate from T P Fries / Cole’s Country Market, #2552, won by Mary Ederhardt, Amaranth. 75. $125 sponsored by Grace E Brown Insurance Brokers, won by Velvet Alcorn, Orangeville. 76. $500 for the LAST DUCK sponsored by Steve Soloman, #218, won by John Lawlor, Arthur.

Plus the Grand Valley Lions would like to thank the following sponsors: Grand Valley Crane Rentals, Hillside Automotive, Duca Credit Union, Keith’s Trailer sales, Deckers Tire Service, Dufferin dairy farmers, Boston Pizza, Grand Valley Air Cadets, 85 Tornado Squadron, Orangeville Hydro, Grand Valley & District Fire Department, Attridge Transportation, Ron Crane Custom Farming, Lorne Dart, Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc., Grand Valley Dental.

All of these sponsors made for an excellent Duck Day. See you on the Grand River

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