Dr. Grischa Perino

Current Position

Professor of Economics, University of Hamburg, Germany

Contact Details

Department of Socioeconomics
Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
University of Hamburg
Welckerstr. 8
20354 Hamburg

University webpage

Phone: +49 40 42838-8767
Fax: +49 40 42838-8769

Selected Publications (Google Scholar site)

  • Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision-Making: Land Use in the United Kingdom (with Bateman, I.J., Harwood, A. R., Mace, G. M., Watson, R. T., Abson, D., Andrews, B., Binner, A., Crowe, A., Day, B. H., Dugdale, S., Fezzi, C., Foden, J., Hadley, D., Haines-Young, R., Hulme, M., Kontoleon, A., Lovett, A. A., Munday, P., Pascual, U., Paterson, J., Sen, A., Siriwardena, G., van Soest, D. and Termansen, M.), Science 341(6141), 45-50, 2013.

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