To join the Gold Trail Grange in Coloma, simply download and fill out our Membership Application.  
Children are also encouraged to join the Junior Grange.  Ages of Junior Grangers are 5 to 13-1/2 (children 14 years and older are able to become voting members of the Grange). There is no fee for Junior Grange membership. Our Junior Grangers have the opportunity to take part in various activities including 4H and Grange Camp!  The Junior Grange Brochure and Application has more information. 
Gold Trail Grange potluck
Applications can be mailed to PO Box 16 Coloma, CA 95613. Delivery in person is also highly recommended, especially at our Business Meetings where you can be obligated (approved) as a voting member during the meeting. Our Business Meetings take place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Gold Trail Grange Hall at 319 Hwy 49 Coloma, CA 95613. The Hall is inside Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, on the river side of Hwy 49.
Other opportunities to drop off your application include our Grange Potluck every 4th Wednesday of the month, or any other public event at the Grange.  You can also give your application to any of your friends or neighbors who are Grange members so they can deliver it for you at the Business Meeting.

In March of 2011, the Gold Trail Grange grew from a handful of dedicated members to a revitalized and active membership of 106, and continues to grow each month!  The members of the Grange in Coloma are currently shaping the way this rejuvenated Hall fits into the present day environment of the Coloma-Lotus community. 

Halloween Grange Style
Becoming a member allows each person to have a voice in the direction the Grange heads and the events that are held in the Hall. During our Business Meetings, members have the opportunity to vote on important issues and form resolutions with their member elected officers. Grange members of twelve consecutive months receive a 50% discount on hall rental.

Our mission is to cultivate a strong community center in the Coloma-Lotus Valley that welcomes not only its members but everyone who lives, works and plays in the area. We partner with various local community groups and non-profits such as the American River Conservancy, Gold Discovery Park Association, Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce, local farmers, artisans and artists, and civic leaders to bring important and interesting events and activities to the community.

For more information on membership please email us at