Ray tracing 
(Making a full, recursive ray-tracer to handle a more realistic rendering 
of the scene graph, including multiple lights, Fresnel Reflection)


Motion capturing
(Motion blending using motion builder and a self- made BVH player)

Cloth Simulation
(Do deformable simulation based on PBD (Position Based Dynamics))

Smoke Simulation
(Smoke simulation 
implemented with a Semi-Lagrangian approach)

                                 CUDA PathTracer

(A CUDA version path-tracer.)

                                              Hide & Seek
(A mini-game made in Unity)

Alien Exploration
(The game we made in Penn Play Game Jam, Award for Best Theme)


River Racer
(A game made with two other teammates, it's a two-player racing game. Full of elements on the river.)

           L- System Maya plugin       
(L- System Maya plugin using C++, Mel, and Python)


Volumetric Generation
(Cloud generator and renderer using ray-marching and Perlin Noise)

Jello simulation
(3D mass-spring particle systems, including integration, collision detection and response)

 Water Simulation
(A water simulator based on SIGGRAPH paper ‘Matching Fluid Simulation Element to Surface Geometry and Topology’, add OBJ container and water)

WebGL PathTracer

(A WebGL version path-tracer, most computation are implemented in shader.)

(Implement the classic game Frogger in Unity and add a new mode)

Getting Bigger
(A game I made, which combine the collecting game with some growth mechanism. Besides, I make the hell mode in it which make it like an exploration.)

                                         Painting Plunder
(A game made with two other teammates, it's a single-player fighting game where player is supposed to memorize all paintings in a museum and steal the correct one based on a given clue without getting caught or running out of time.)

Bo Zhang,
Aug 29, 2014, 3:33 PM