About National Director, Wayne Perryman

Wayne Perryman

Wayne Perryman is a former newspaper publisher, radio talk show host and the author of several books and publications is also known for his work with at-risk youth, gang members, professional athletes and major corporations.  He is the co-founder of Youth Challenge, the founder of Role Models Unlimited, a sports’  coach for over 30 years and the founder of Operation Destitution, a special program to feed the poor.  He served as Chairman of the Occupational Educational Steering committee for Seattle Public Schools, Advisory Board for Seattle Community College, and the Director of the Regional Educational Alliance on Gang Activities for the Puget Sound Educational Service District in Washington State, and was a member of the Washington State Black Clergy To Re-elect President Clinton. In 1974, at the request of a gay and lesbian congregation in Seattle, Wayne Perryman was one of the first straight ministers to deliver a sermon in their newly formed Metropolitan Community Church and received a standing ovation.

For his ongoing work as a servant to his community, Perryman has received commendations and recognition from Chairman Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP, and from both Democratic and Republican elected officials.  Among them include President George H. Bush, members of the United States Congress (both parties), former Washington State Governor Booth Gardner (Democrat), Senator Slade Gorton (Republican), and the former mayor of Seattle, Charles Royer (Democrat).  His character building storybook for children featuring baseball all-stars Ken Griffrey Jr. and Harold Reynolds are the first children’s storybooks to be placed in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library.

In addition to this recognition, Perryman's service to his community has resulted in local, national and international media coverage including Sports Illustrated Magazine, Parade Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Upscale Magazine, Christianity Today Magazine, the Seattle Times, ABC’s Home Show, Tavis Smiley Show, Alan Colmes ShowFox’s Hannity & Colmes,  the Michael Medved Show, C-Span Book TV, the 700 Club, Italy’s Speak Up Magazine and a multitude of other publications and radio show appearances around the country. 

I hope you will join us in our 2017 Humanity Project to help heal the racial and cultural divide.

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Race Relations Class Provided for Police Departments - September 2016