I have written a lot of code pieces over 10 years. Many of them are not very sophisticated, but I hope my product will help someone.

Most of tools are hosted at GitHub. Some abandoned codes can be found at Google Code.

My Tools

See GitHub page for full list of my tools.

Susie Plugins

Susie is an old-school picture viewer for Windows, which can load additional formats by adding Susie plugins (*.spi). In Japan, Susie plugin is often used for decoding custom image formats inside a game.


I have some reverse-engineering skills. So I created some unofficial patches that make the original softwares more useful.

  • These patches are released under the MIT License.
  • IMPORTANT: Please use the following patches AT YOUR OWN RISK! They are unofficial products!


ふみぃ's MIDI tools (Cherry, TMIDI)

The following patches are for ふみぃ's Japanese MIDI sequencer/player tools. Though they are old good tools, they have only Japanese UI.

ふみぃさんの MIDI ツール向けのパッチです。

Yamaha MidRadio Player

MidRadio Player の音源を他の VST ホストで使用するためのパッチです。

いまや高品位な無料の音源を手軽に探すなら、有名なサウンドフォントを VirtualMidiSynth や DAW (Cakewalk by BandLab とか) + sforzando などで鳴らすか、商用製品の無料版をインストールするなどしたほうが幅広く揃えられそうですが、いまなおこの音がほしいという方はお試しください。