Species ID

Below you will find a database of plant species that have been identified in the GMW prairie.  Scroll through the photos to find and identify the species you are looking for.  Use the tabs at the bottom of the window to find different groups of plants (grasses, trees, etc.),  You can also follow the embedded links to learn more about each species.  
We began the species inventory in the spring of 2017 and it won't be completed until later in the summer once the final flowers have bloomed.  Currently it is limited to plants, but may extend to insects and other interesting creatures in the future.   All photos are being taken of plants in the GMW prairie by the HOA Prairie Committee naturalist on a cellphone, so they aren't professional quality, but hopefully clear enough to help identify the species we have.

All images in the database above were taken of plants in the GMW prairie and GMW natural areas. All rights reserved.