2009 Bible Conference

June 12-14

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Dothan, Alabama 

Conference Theme:  The Enigmatic Christ

Conference Program  


Christ: The Sovereign Over His Creation           Laurence Justice

Christ: The Forgiver of Sins                             Forrest Keener

Christ: The Promised One                              Bill McDaniel

Christ: Like John the Baptist, Elijah, 

     Jeremiah or One of the Prophets                Steve Fulton

Christ and the Father Are One                        Lee Roy Dutton

The Pre-Incarnate Christ and Why He Came

    to Earth                                                     Bill McDaniel

The Authoritative Christ                                   Dale Wallace

Jesus: The Prophet of Nazareth, Hailed

    by Children                                                 Steve Fulton

Jesus: Unknown to the Religious World             Laurence Justice

Christ and Israel                                              Lee Roy Dutton

Christ the Redeemer: Suffering is the

    Pathway to Glory                                         Dale Wallace

Christ in Resplendent Glory                              Forrest Keener