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On this site, we are re printing our story about the victims that have been illegally raided right here in Gloucester, Virginia.  On our blog, the first story you read is the latest one we have posted.  So you end up reading the entire story backwards if you want to follow it.  That can be a tough job, especially with a story that is as long as this one is.  So we have decided to open this site and make it easier to navigate and understand.  The blog site is http://www.GloucesterCounty-VA.com

A Grand Conspiracy In Gloucester County Law Enforcement and The Courts?

Today we are kicking off what will become a very long story told over the upcoming months with more twists and turns than you could ever imagine. We have been and will continue to invite members of the press and other law enforcement agencies to follow these stories as they are all intertwined together and will prove to shake the very foundations of Gloucester County and eventually, our nation. This is a story that we have been working on for the past two years and have interviewed numerous people, put together a huge database of information and evidence to include pictures, court documents, recordings, videos, testimony, digital data and more. We have hundreds of pages that we will be presenting and it is just way to much to cover in one or several articles.

Some of what will be presented can only be stated as opinion because we are being blocked from receiving information that may or may not say otherwise. So it is only fair to report on what the opinions are and support those opinions with as much fact as we have on hand. Other areas will be based on fact of evidence that is undeniable. We have also been putting together facts of Virginia law to show we are not making anything up at any time nor are we spouting opinion of our own interpretations of the law.

We are asking that everyone view the various articles on this site from the perspective of Gloucester County, Virginia government officials corruption and corrupt practices.  We cover the story showing what the victim had to endure and continues to endure but our objective is to expose the corruption in various agencies in Gloucester County, Virginia ie Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office, Gloucester, VA Animal Control, Gloucester, VA courts and clerks, Gloucester, VA attorney's, local individuals no longer under the protective employ of the county and a local practicing attorney.  There are separate issues for the victims of what they went through that is being handled by their own legal council.

We will do everything in our power to be as fair as possible as much as possible in bringing you these stories. At the present moment, it is our opinion that there is in fact a grand conspiracy here in Gloucester County with our law enforcement and in our court system to manipulate and to deceive the public and we have had inside input on such. A deputy inside the Gloucester County Sheriff's office has come forward and given deep detailed information on where to look and what to look for in order to present the stories along with what transpired in given events that we will be bringing you. Now with all of this said, we will now present you with our first case and the first section of the story on this case that begins after this opening. Please see Gloucester Officials Ignore Freedom Of Information Requests.

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