Welcome To Gloucester Links and News Resources Site

On this site we are putting a host of resources up for you to download and use to make your computer experience

easier, more enjoyable and much less expensive. We use near zero paid for programs on all our computers. Just about

every program on all of our computers are freeware. Now that is pretty impressive seeing as we have a total of 5 desktop

computers and 4 laptop computers in use most of time. Our Operating Systems are about the only paid for programs we use

with only a couple of exceptions on a couple of systems.

Freeware has come a very long way and there is now a freeware program that does the same thing if not more than the

paid for programs. Everything from complete office suites to burning programs, photo editing programs, PDF creation

programs, audio and video conversion programs, ISO image creation software, cloned virtual drives like DVD rom drives

and BD rom drives and so much more.

As you are aware we have been posting a host of free downloads on our main site for your enjoyment. We have been

having some minor problems with some of the files however, so we are moving to a new format on how we will be

uploading these files and you will need some of the programs on this site in order to use the free downloads. We are

moving to ISO file uploads. What follows is a list of needed programs in order to use future downloads. And you can

download all of those programs right here on this site.

1.) Virtual Clone Drive - Allows you to load an ISO image as though it were a CD, DVD or BD rom and access all files.

2.) Image Burn - Allows you to burn ISO files to CD or DVD and much more.

3.) Hampster Free E-Book Converter - Allows you to convert E-Book formats from one format to another.

4.) Open Office - A complete office suite that allows you to do everything Microsoft Office's top end office suite does

and also save your work to PDF format and even create SWF files. (SWF = Shockwave Format). A savings of no less than

$200.00. (Actually much more).

5.) Pea Zip - Zip file creation and extraction software. Opens RAR files, 7 zip and a huge host of other files as well. See the Pea Zip page for more details.

So just click through the pages and get your free downloads now.