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Global Harmony Symphony - January 25th, 2016 Inaugural Rehearsal

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January 25th , 2016 marked the beginning of the new Global Harmony Symphony. Volunteer community musicians came together and celebrated the launch of their new orchestra with a reading of Beethoven’s Leonore Overture No.3 and Brahms Symphony No.4.

The orchestra is comprised of musicians spanning a wide range of experience and proficiency levels. From students to hobbyists to semi-professional to professional to retired professionals! The orchestra also attracts music lovers who are discovering the joy of making music for the first time as retirement projects.

New musicians are warmly welcomed with the ‘red carpet’ treatment! “Bring your instrument to one of our rehearsals and give us a try” says Principal Violist Max Schreiber. “We all started this way. The pleasure you get from playing your instrument, as well as the increased skill you will attain is a lot better than staying at home and playing scales. Your playing will reach new dimensions; mainly as a result of being with interesting and talented people.”

We look forward to meeting you!