Chief Instructor

Matthias (Matt) Lynch is a fifth degree black-belt and a Shidoin in the United States Aikido Federation. He started practicing Aikido in the late eighties at the Twin Cities Aikido Center (TCAC), in what was then the Midwest Region of the USAF run by the late Akira Tohei Shihan. While at the TCAC, Matt became an instructor of both regular and weapons classes. He received his first degree black-belt under Tohei Sensei, and was one of Tohei Sensei’s kenshusei. In 1996 he moved to Japan primarily to further his study of the Japanese language. After one year in Fukuoka practicing under Suganuma Sensei, he moved to Tokyo. There he practiced at Aikido Hombu Dojo until returning to the US in 2000. While at Hombu Dojo, Matt received his second degree black-belt and completed the advanced course of Aikido Gakko three times under the instruction of Seki Sensei and Osawa Sensei. He was also fortunate enough to practice under both the Ni-dai Doshu and the current Doshu. Soon after returning to the US he began practicing at the Glen Ellyn Aikido Club, and in 2006 took over as Chief Instructor.

Bernard "BC" Calma was exposed to Aikido in Hawaii, but began his training in Glen Ellyn and Chicago in 1976 under Tohei Sensei who promoted him to first degree black belt in 1983. BC trained with several instructors in Hawaii and San Francisco area for five years before moving back to Glen Ellyn in 1990 to assist the chief instructor. His 3rd degree and 4th degree promotions were given by Osawa Sensei and Yamada Sensei respectively.