Book: Numerical Methods with MATLAB

The book "Numerical Methods with MATLAB" written by me is now in the market at $53/-.


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Book MATLAB By Examples is now on Amazon. Order a copy now. 
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Book: MATLAB by Examples

The book "MATLAB by Examples" written by me is now in the market at Rs 99/-.


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Book MATLAB By Examples is now on Amazon. Order a copy now.
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MATLAB By Examples is now available through VPP both in India and outside India

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Inside India: INR 100/-
Outside India: 8.00 $ or INR 400/- (will change according to the destination)

This is a 200 page book on MATLAB written by me. The content and the sample can be downloaded from Download Section. The purpose of this book is to present MATLAB tutorial by examples. It is based on the concept of "try and learn".

For buying a copy of it, you can mail me or contact me.

This covers MATLAB for beginner to advanced level . The content is as follows:
Section-I Basics of MATLAB
1. Introduction to MATLAB
2. Introduction to Programming
3. Function and Scripts
4. Matrixes and Vectorization
Section-II Graphics
5. Plots and Surfaces
6. Graphical User Interface
Section-III Numerical Computations
7. Numerical Techniques
Differentiation /Integration/Roots/Zeros of function/Interpolation
8. Optimization
Evolutionary Algorithms
9. Differential Equations
Section-IV Object Oriented Programming
10. Object Oriented Programming
Section-V Advances with Toolbox
11. Control Systems
12. Image Processing
13. Signal Processing
14. Communication Systems
15. Simulink

Cost: 99/- Rs

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