Giuseppina Ronzitti

PhD in Philosophy (Logic and Philosophy of Science), University of Genova (IT)
Member of the laboratory « Savoirs, Textes, Langage » (CNRS UMR 8163)
Contact: ronzitti [at] gmail [dot] com

My Research: Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic, Intuitionism, Vagueness


(Paper) Intuitionism Without Intuition: Against the Phenomenological Account. Filosofiska Notiser 4(1), 2017, 81–91, PDF (freely available).

(Invited talk) Mathematical evidence (provisional title), Department of Logic at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 21 February 2017

(Invited talk) Can there be vague metalanguages? (provisional title)Department of Logic at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 22 February 2017

(Invited talk) Le discours mathématique et le problème de la pluralité des sens, Festival de Philosophie 2016Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, October 2016


2017 G. Ronzitti, Intuitionism Without Intuition: Against the Phenomenological AccountFilosofiska Notiser 4(1), 2017, 81–91, PDF (freely available).

2011 G. Ronzitti (ed.), Vagueness: A Guide, Springer. 

2010 G. Ronzitti, A Note on an Unpublished Manuscript by Erik Stenius, Theoria 76(1): 91–96. 

2010  G. Ronzitti, Anschauung as Evidence, in Construction, P. E. Bour,  M. Rebuschi and L. Rollet (eds.), London: College Publications, pp. 251- 260. 2010.

2008  G. Ronzitti, Critical study and book review of R. Tieszen’s book “Phenomenology, Logic, and the Philosophy of Mathematics" [Cambridge University Press, 2005], Philosophia Mathematica 16(2): 264–276. 

2006 G. Heinzmann and G. Ronzitti (eds.), Constructivism: Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy and Linguistics, Philosophia Scientiae, 6.


Reviewer for Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH)
Reviewer for Philosophical Papers