About Bio-Electronics Materials Lab

Our research interest is to synthesize smart electronic/photonic materials with 3-D morphology and develop soft electronics, photovoltaics, and bio-electronic interfaces.

Current researches

  • Novel electronic/photonic devices based on organic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials 
  • Control of surface chemistry and 3-D shape of soft nanostructures via external stimuli 
  • Bio-electronics: intracellular probes, implantable biochemical sensors, neuro-prosthetics 
  • Biophysical study and control of interaction between neurons and electronic material
                   Soft Electronics & Photovoltaics                      Bio-Electronic Interfaces

Postdoc Positions are Available 

생체전자소재연구실과 함께하실 박사후연구원을 모집합니다.
(Field in Biology or Biochemistry, 미필 시 전문연구요원 가능)
본 연구실은 Organic/Inorganic Thin Film Transistor, Bio-mimetic Hydrogel, 
Cell-Material  Interface, Catalyst for Hydrogen Production 등 다양한 분야의 연구를 진행중에 있습니다.

E-mail : mhyoon@gist.ac.kr 
연락처: 062-715-2320(교수님), 3196(연구실)