Research Areas

We are interested in several areas of research, but they may be broadly classified as     

  • Polymer reactions, primarily polymer degradation
  • Supercritical fluids
  • Catalytic Reactions
  • Continuous distribution kinetics for transport processes and separation processes

 To the best of our knowledge of the peer-reviewed published literature, we have developed, for the first time in the world, several new processes and modeling techniques. Listed below is a selected list among them,

·        Degradation of polymers in supercritical benzene/toluene etc.

·        Degradation of polymers with combustion synthesized catalyst under UV exposure

·        Thermal degradation of polymers with combustion-synthesized catalysts

·        Degradation of polymers with combined ultrasound and ultraviolet exposure

·        Simultaneous polymerization and degradation under ultrasound

·        Enzymatic degradation of polymers in supercritical fluids

·        Synthesis of specialized pharmaceuticals in supercritical fluids

·        Synthesis of new materials for the selective degradation of dyes and phenols

·        Development of kinetic models for

o       Catalytic degradation of dyes in presence of metals under ultraviolet exposure

o       Catalytic oxidation, hydrogenation and combustion reactions for combustion-synthesized catalysts

o       Water gas shift reaction in presence of oxide ion vacancy catalysts

o       Three way catalytic activity of metal substituted catalysts

o       Photocatalytic degradation of dyes in presence of metals

o       Photocatalytic degradation of organic mixtures

·        Development of continuous distribution kinetic models for

o       Granular flow/mixing

o       Precipitation and mixing

o       Simultaneous polymerization and degradation in microwaves/ultrasound

o       Degradation under combined ultrasound and ultraviolet exposure

o       Crystal growth

o       Ostwald ripening

o       Oscillator synchronization

o       Gelation during polymerization

o       Attrition during crystal growth

o       Avrami equation for polymer crystallization

We work in the following broad categories under each topic. 

Polymer reactions

Thermal degradation by pyrolysis 

Degradation of polymers in supercritical fluids 

Degradation by enzymes  

Degradation in presence of UV radiation

Degradation in presence of ultrasonic radiation

Degradation in presence of microwaves

Degradation of polymer mixtures

Degradation of polymers in combo processes

Supercritical fluids

Adsorption in supercritical fluids

Modeling the solubilities in supercritical fluids

Enzymatic Reactions in supercritical fluids

Synthesis of biodiesel

Continuous distribution kinetics

Turbulent mixing for miscible fluids  

Oscillator synchronization 

Brazil nut effect 

Polymer gelation 

Polymer crystallization 

Kinetic model for polymorphic transformations

Catalytic processes

Synthesis and Characterization of catalysts. 

Degradation of dyes and organics 

Catalytic ultrasonic degradation of dyes 

Catalytic degradation of polymers 

Catalytic gas phase reactions 

Development of materials for photocatalysis