Brucchi Luchino workshops were initiated in 2001 by Giorgio Brunello, Daniele Checchi, Andrea Ichino, Claudio Lucifora, authors of the textbook Manuale di Economia del Lavoro under the pseudonym Brucchi Luchino. The aim of the workshop is to provide young researchers with the opportunity to meet and discuss their research in an informal and yet lively environment. Since 2014 the founders of the series have passed the helm of the workshop to a new scientific committee, Lorenzo Cappellari, Maria De Paola, Marco Leonardi, Michele Pellizzari, Giovanni Pica and Alfonso Rosolia, who authored the new version of the book under the pseudonym Pepi De Caleo. We are very happy that Giorgio, Daniele, Andrea and Claudio keep attending the workshop.

NEW: XVII Brucchi Luchino Workshop, INPS, Rome, 13-14 December 2018. Program.