Giorgio Gulino
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Economics
University of Bergamo
2, Via dei Canania, 24127 - Bergamo, Italy
Email: giorgio.gulino [at]

Curriculum Vitae: [pdf]

Research Interests 

Applied Political Economy, Development Economics

Working Papers

Electoral Systems, Selection and Re-election. Evidence from Italian Municipalities [pdf]

Separated Under the Same Roof: Political Fragmentation and Public Policies (with Matteo Cervellati and Paolo Roberti)

Who is in for a Party (and for What)? Party Ideology, Policies and Politicians (with Matteo Cervellati and Paolo Roberti)

Research in Progress

"The Epidemiological Roots of Inequality": Malaria and Historical Evidence for Italy (with Paolo Buonanno, Matteo Cervellati and Sara Lazzaroni

Corruption Corrupts: Political Scandals and Supermarket Thefts (with Federico Masera)