My primary research interests are in political philosophy. I write about justice and of legitimacy, and about how principles of egalitarian justice and liberal legitimacy can (or can't) help us think through and address problems pertaining to economic justice, gender, and education.

My 2019 book, Liberalism, Neutrality, and the Gendered Division of Labor (OUP), argues that progressive social policies aimed at eroding the gendered division of labor can be legitimate exercises of coercive political power, even by the lights of a restrictive principle of state neutrality. I've written up a short, public-facing version of the argument for Boston Review.

My new book project, tentatively called The Anatomy of Justice: Liberal Egalitarianism for Liberals and Critics Alike, develops a novel approach to theorizing liberal egalitarian justice and argues for that approach on the grounds that it supports compelling resolutions to longstanding disputes and difficulties internal to egalitarianism, and compelling defenses of liberalism against its egalitarian critics.

Other work-in-progress includes a coauthored book on equal educational opportunity for the History and Philosophy of Education book series, as well as papers on "teaching for justice" in higher education and on methodology for theorizing "sectoral" justice (e.g. educational justice, environmental justice, healthcare justice). I've also written about diversity in the discipline of philosophy and more generally about teaching philosophy; about non-ideal theory in political philosophy; about justice in higher education; about the ethics and politics of abortion; about the legitimacy of using social policy to curb the use and consumption of animals; and about other issues in feminist philosophy and philosophy of education.

To read more about my recent and current research projects, see my research statement or my curriculum vitae.

Links to some of my published articles:

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